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We offer a fun and safe program that is geared toward recreation and elite practitioners. We have combined many different type of practice so that our programs are always interesting and ensure a well rounded learning atmosphere. There are different programs with differing foci to suit the various needs of our clients.


At our dojo, international level Karate champions and referees teach, train, and mentor in order to foster a positive learning environment for students and peers. We take pride in providing students with the opportunity to learn from Canada's top karate athletes and referees, and hope to raise students to one day surpass all levels of achievement of their teachers. As members of Karate Ontario, Karate Canada and the WKF, we have high standards of practice which is reflected in the achievements and progress of our members.


The benefits of practicing Shotokan Karate as structured at Thornhill Karate include:


- Self awareness, perseverance, self respect and respect to others, goal oriented mindset and discipline


- Improved cardio capacity, muscular capacity, flexibility, balance, agility, coordination, speed, power, reaction time, and concentration


- Conflict resolution and management skills


- Competition Classes are also offered to our members

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