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Joshua Drury - Head Instructor

Joshua has been practicing Karate for 25 years and began teaching over 15 years ago. He has competed in many tournaments, successfully representing Ontario and Canada in National and International Championships. Since then, he began instructing some of Canada’s best athletes in a high performance capacity and is the Head Coach for the Canadian Maccabi Karate Team. Joshua has a passion for teaching people of all ages and abilities, having over a decade of experience running a city-wide recreational Karate program for children 4-6 years old. As a referee, he currently holds the license of ‘Referee A’ with the Pan-American Karate Federation and attends many Provincial, National and International Tournaments in this capacity. Joshua constantly seeks to improve himself in both his Karate practice and teaching as well as his character and personal development. Sensei Joshua Drury




Alon Zohar - Karate Instructor

Alon is and has been a very successful Karate competitor. Some of his achievements include: 3 national gold medals; 2 national silver medals; 2 national bronze medals; 1 maccabi world games gold medal; 2 Maccabi world games bronze medals; and a many time Ontario Provincial Champion. Alon is also a Certified Personal Trainer and is currently studying Kinesiology at York University. Sensei Alon Zohar





Ariel Zohar - Assistant Karate Instructor



Eitan Zohar - Assistant Karate Instructor



Samantha Krystantos - Assistant Karate Instructor



Maryam Bagherzadeh - Assistant Karate Instructor



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